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Hello, we're Pearson Web Solutions, your premium website service. We know you want to maximize your internet presence. We also recognize that you don't have time to manage a website. Let us take care of that. We're really good at it, we promise!

Multiple Service Plans

Based on your needs and budget, Pearson Web Solutions allows you to tailor a program that fits your organization. All plans include a free personal consultation.

First Class Response Times

Ideas come fast. And when you have a new one, we will be there to update your website to show the world. No frustrating long service response times.

Modern Website Technology

Our websites are created using all the new technologies that exist to add pizazz to your site. Your customers will be amazed and impressed!

High Quality Customer Service

Pearson Web Solutions combines technology with extraordinary customer service and communication. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled service experience! Contact us to find out more about our goals for you!

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Contact us to set up a Personal Consultation to determine your needs.


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Our Service Plan


Personal Consultation

Interview the designer
Discuss your needs

Initial Website Design

Designer gets started
Drafts presented

Ongoing Maintenance

Updates as needed
Rapid response time

Ongoing Website Analysis

Measure ROI
Gain customer insights

Our customers can't live without us

Bob Pearson is just awesome! Whenever I need anything updated, he is quick to respond and changes are completed quickly and accurately. He is an invaluable resource to our organization.
Pearson Web Solutions is an amazing service! Thank you for all you do!
We were looking for an effective website to get our Buddy Walk organized. I tried several services and will never leave Pearson Web Solutions. Best website service available. Keep up the great work!

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$199 / month

Start-up fee waived

  • Unlimited Updates
  • Priority Response Time
  • Monthly Website Analysis
  • Excellent Customer Service
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$149 / month

$499 Start Up Fee

  • Unlimited Updates
  • 24 hour Response Time
  • Monthly Website Analysis
  • Excellent Customer Service
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$99 / month

Maintenance of existing site

  • Limited Monthly Updates (5)
  • 48 hour Response Time
  • No Website Analysis
  • Excellent Customer Service
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