Farm Talk 1 – Introduction

Welcome to Farmer Talk. I am a 4th generation farmer in North Central Kansas. Because of some very important people in my life, (primarily my lovely wife, Janet), I get the privilege of working with my father on the family farm. We produce corn, wheat, soybeans, and milo. A lot of you know milo by its other name of ‘sorghum’.  We’ll discuss that point in the future.

My goal is to share what I do each day at the farm. Farming is no longer just manual labor. Farming involves all of the following and more: Finance, Technology, Weather, Marketing, Timing, Planning, Patience, and Faith. I have thoughts on all of these on a daily basis.

Everyone has an opinion and I am no exception. My opinions are not  the same as others. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone had the same opinion. I am always trying to learn so I hope to spark some interaction by sharing my opinions and thoughts.

Through these daily thoughts, I hope to share what I am thinking about during my daily trek of producing food for the world. I will share my history leading up to working on the farm. I will share how important my wife is to me and what she has taught me along the way. And I will let you know how I feel about my faith in God. Nothing happens without the strength of God.

If no one participates in this adventure of mine, I feel that I will gain a perspective of my life by writing it down. If I can get some interaction from others, I will gain so much more. I encourage everyone to chime in through comments and questions. This can be a lot of fun. Let’s do this.

Farmer Talk Bob

My dad and I watching Kansas State Football.